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media influences young girls

Have you ever contemplated how the media influences young teens, both boys and girls and what the consequences are of it? Us, as teenagers, we are all always looking forward to getting access to the latest and most recent events. We are always waiting to be apprised about the news which the media delivers to us through a variety of different ways and also changes the public’s views and perspectives regarding certain people and certain things. However, some news and information forces us to change ourselves completely and it is often young teenage girls who have to experience this change. They feel the need to forget about their surroundings and isolate their childhood and grow up as rapidly as they can. In this article, I will expose the thoughts and feelings of the public concerning this issue of girls having to grow up too quickly.

I questioned many members of the public and 32-year-old Jacob elucidated how currently many young teenage girls are following in the footsteps of the singers they look up to. He said, “from my point of view, media has a large impact on teenage girls because the music videos they watch shows people wearing very provocative clothing which makes them want to dress like them and act older than their age. It also sexualises them too quickly.”

I asked a 30 year old man about his views on this topic of young teenage girls being encouraged too much by the media to take action on things they don’t have to as yet. “The media likes to promote the negative things instead of the positive and blames the youth for a lot of problems they hear of, yet they don’t address the situation properly. They don’t understand that they’re kids and it’s their learning time; life is all about learning. This is what I thing all you young kids should do, just switch of the TV, don’t read the paper and make up your own media.”

13-year-old Shamima quoted, “media definitely has a very large affect on young teenage girls but at the end of the day it is all up to them, it is their choice and no one else can change their decision. Being a teenage girl myself, I admire many celebrities but I know that to be like them would be unreal because it may look real to us but it’s all actually fake!”

My personal advice to the victims of this issue would be to not challenge yourself to do anything to make yourself feel more mature and grown up because at the end of it all, you will find that you are the one suffering from an abundance of dilemmas. Also never allow anyone to tell you that you have to change to please them because you are your own individual person and you can achieve great accomplishments and gain a lot of success if you keep your head held high and love yourself just the way you are.